Toronto-born artist David Wile has been fascinated with photography since he purchased his first camera at the age of 18. Since that time, he has been captivated by the feel of a camera in his hands and the act of capturing and preserving an instant in time and place. It was after a life-changing trip to Thailand with an international high school co-op program that same year that David set his focus on travel photography. In pursuit of his passion, he has spent the past 20 years capturing breathtaking landscapes and introspective human portraits from across Canada and the United States as well as Africa, Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico and Peru.

Shooting mainly digital images, David is always excited to master a new piece of sophisticated photographic technology in the creation of art. His goal is to excite and inspire and to generate a little mystery, leaving viewers and fellow photographers wondering about his process. Although he is enthusiastic about every step of the process – from printing to framing to exhibiting – David loves being out in the world with his camera, adventuring through his viewfinder and taking a closer look at things most people would not afford a second glance.

A graduate of the Applied Photography program at Sheridan College, David has concentrated on his successful commercial photography career, shooting for a diverse client base that includes Masterclass, Lasik MD, P&G, Ministry of Tourism Ontario, Advil, Nike, Ministry of Health Ontario, Queens University, Humber College, UOIT, TD Bank, Unitron, Blackberry, Canadian Tire and Brad J. Lamb. He has photographed such Canadian icons as author Margaret Atwood, actor Peter Schoelier, astronaut Chris Hadfield, basketball star Cory Joseph, ballet dancer Denis Medvedev, musician Marshall Dane, Olympic medalist sprinter Andre de Grasse and Olympic triathlon champion, Simon Whitfield, and big business influencers including GM President Kevin Williams, Steamwhistle Brewery owner Cam Heaps and Porter Airlines CEO Robert Deluce.

Since the birth of his daughter in 2019, David has been looking at the world through an entirely different lens, putting his wanderlust on hold and photographing objects much closer to home. In January of 2020, David made a New Year's resolution to devote the majority of his time to art photography.

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